St. Columba's Primary School

From little acorns, big oaks grow!

Safeguarding/Child Protection

All staff are police checked and we have a Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy drawn up by the Staff and the Governors in the light of advice from the Department of Education and the Northern Area Child Protection Committee. This policy is reviewed each year. The safety and welfare of each child is our paramount responsibility.



DEPUTY DESIGNATED TEACHERS: Mrs. B. McKenna and Mrs. E. McAtamney

Board of Governors

Child Protection Officer is Mrs Anne-Marie Carr

Chairperson: Mr. Pat Mullan


Click here to view "How a parent can make a complaint"


Miss Hughes and all the staff are here to listen. If you have any problems don't be afraid to speak to someone. 


Designated Teachers



Advice for parents:

Information for Parents & Carers on the ABiSA (12 February 2021).pdf


Bullying Toolkit

A guide for parents

What Do I Do If I Have A Cause For Concern?


 When you have  bullying concern you can complete this

 form and send it into the class teacher.

Bullying/Mean Moments Concern Form


Click on the links for

Parents' Information on Anti-Bullying

Bullying involving children with special educational needs

and disabilities


Tips on dealing with Mean Moments


  Advice for pupils: 


Tips for pupils from other pupils.

Information for pupils on the ABiSA (12 February 2021).pdf


Don't forget you can ask for bubble time!


We also have a `worry box` in each of our classrooms.


 If you are worried or have a problem the following websites

may be of help.


 We have  a Buddy Bus Stop in the infant playground and

Buddy Benches in both playgrounds. 

Children can go to these if they want someone to play with.



Please be sensitive when it comes to birthday parties.  Party     invitations may not be distributed in school.   It is difficult to

see a child upset because he or she is the only one in a group who has not been invited.



Pupils are not permitted to have mobile phones in school.  If a child is found to have a mobile phone with them it will be confiscated and returned to them at the end of the school day.


Digital Devices

Pupils are not permitted to have digital devices from home in school.  If a child is found to have a digital device with them it will be confiscated and returned to them at the end of the school day.


Child Mental Health

Self Care and Mental Health Tips