St. Columba's Primary School

From little acorns, big oaks grow!

Golden Globe

The golden globe will be awarded monthly to the winning class  for Switch it off week.


2019/20 School Council

Well done to all of the boys and girls from Primary 3 to Primary 7 who created manifesto posters for school  and eco council.

Following voting, the above children have been elected for 2019/20. 

Well done and we look forward to listening to your ideas to make our school even better!



The Eco-Council are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our Green Flag once again.

The assessors arrived on Tuesday 28th May and spent the morning working with the eco-council . They were really impressed with all of the work we carry out in school linked to our eco-school topics of energy, recycling, healthy living and global perspectives.

Well done everyone!

Action Plan

Our Eco-Code

Eco - Code for foundation stage children

Bryson Energy came into school to talk to us all about the importance of being energy efficient. It was a very interesting and informative  morning for us all.


We all took part recently in Energy Saving Week Challenge.  Well done to all families who participated.

Gardening Afternoon

 Eco-council and School-Council


Eco-Code Competition

Saoirse the Scarecrow

Our scarecrow was beautifully dressed last year by the Wade family.  It is time again for him to have a change of clothes so if families who would be interested in helping out with this would please contact Mrs McAtamney we will organise this as soon as possible.


Eco-Mascot Competition


The overall winner of the eco-mascot competition was Clara O'Kane from Primary 5. 

The standard was so high we chose a winner from each class.  Well done everyone they all looked fantastic; so much time and effort went into each and every one. 

Switch it off week

Each month we have "Switch it off week" in a bid to save energy and reduce energy bills for our school. The eco-council make visits to classrooms one week every month to ensure each class is being as energy efficient as possible.

Well done to Primary ......who won last month!