St. Columba's Primary School

From little acorns, big oaks grow!

School Council 

At St Columba's Primary school we have a working School Council which comprises of representatives from Primary four to Primary seven classes. The members of the school council also form the Eco Council. The elected councillors work in conjunction with the school's link teacher in discussing issues received by peers and processing the items discussed to the relevant member of the school community.

School councillors are elected by peers at the beginning of the academic year.  Children write their manifestos which they share with their peers who then vote for who they wish to represent them on the School Council. 

It is the hope of the school that all pupils who serve as councillors, stand for election or cast a vote will have an understanding of the democratic systems that serve around the world.

Playground Pals

Here at St Columba's Primary School we have a senior leadership programme called Playground Pals.  Primary 6 and 7 pupils actively promote friendships through games.  Teams of playground Friends buddy up with younger children and assist in teaching and caring for them during break and lunchtimes.  

Our Eco-Code

Eco - Code for foundation stage children