St. Columba's Primary School

From little acorns, big oaks grow!

Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations

Everyone was invited to create decorations for our school Christmas tree out of recycled materials.  Have a look at the amazing creations on the tree. Thank you and well done to all of you.

Global Climate Strike

Primary 5/6 designed posters in support of Greta Thunberg who has inspired young people across the world to look after our world.

Bryson House Energy Efficiency Talk November 2018

World Around Us

Investigation Day.


Garvagh Forest School Summer 2017


Coordinator - Our World Around Us coordinator is Mrs. E McAtamney


Garvagh Forest School Autumn 2016

Primary 4 and 5 children took part  in the Garvagh Forest Autumn school along with Gorran Primary school. Here we can see a selection of some of the activities they participated in.





Investigation week

During November all classes took part in investigation week carrying out hands on, practical investigations using a variety of equipment.  Key stage 2 children had to think carefully about fair testing when carrying out their investigation.  We planned carefully and evaluated our results.