St. Columba's Primary School

From little acorns, big oaks grow!

First Aid/Medical


Our qualified First Aid assistants are:


Mrs. E. McAtamney

Mrs. C. Leonard

Mrs. C. A. McLaughlin

Mrs. E. O'Kane

Miss K. McCormick



Please do not send sick children to school even though they may want to come.  We have a duty of care to all children and staff.. If your child has been ill the previous night or in the morning, it is advisable to keep him/her at home, since infection may spread among other children. It is important that your child enjoys his/her time at school and feels well and fit enough to make the most of it.  A list of infectious diseases with incubation periods and exclusion periods is available from the school.


In the event of your child being very sick or involved in a serious accident, you will be contacted.  It is very important that the school has your telephone number, the most recent mobile number and also another contact number should you be unavailable.  In the event of minor accidents an injury report form will be sent home.  You will not be contacted by telephone.  At all times we seek to act in the best interests of your child.


Should your child have a medical condition which requires medication during school hours please inform the principal and class teacher concerned and the necessary procedures will be put in place.


 Request for school to administer medication

 Request for pupils to carry medication


Nut Free School

St Columba's is a nut-free school. Please refrain from sending in any foods that contain nuts as we have children with serious nut allergies. We thank you for your co-operation!