St. Columba's Primary School

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Mrs Breige McKenna is the ICT Co-ordinator


We continue to develop our ICT skills and complete different tasks which include: Powerpoint,

Beebot, Probot, Research Tools, Display Tools, Publisher and Drawing Tools.

All classes enjoy using various apps on the iPads  such as Puppetpals, Book Creator

and Pic Collage.

Internet Safety

As a school, we want to make sure everyone knows how to protect themselves and each other, when

they are using apps on their phone, playing games and messaging their friends.   

 Download our new Safer Schools NI App for videos, stories, and quizzes on how to stay safe when

doing your favourite things on your phone or tablet.

When using the Internet it is vital that everyone is aware of the risks when accessing the internet.

St Columba's Internet Safety Policy


These risks include


  • the threat of viruses being downloaded onto a home system
  • coming into contact with inappropriate websites
  • coming into contact with inappropriate people
  • your identity being stolen by criminals
  • cyber bullying where the internet is used to send text  or images designed to hurt or embarrass another person.

Visit Byron Review for more information.

Children's Activities on Internet Safety

It is important to stay safe on the Internet.

Click on the link

Advice for parents on cyberbullying.


Learning disabilities, autism and internet safety.


Have a look at the activities and play some of the

games on the following websites. They will help you to learn about how you can stay safe online!


 Some useful advice and games for 5-7 year olds which will help you find out more about how to stay safe online. You can also find out about Lee & Kim's adventures or
watch Hector and his friends learning to use computers safely
  Some useful advice and games for 8-10 year olds which will help you find out more about how to stay safe online.
   Learn more about the Internet and how to be a SMART surfer!
  Get some tips on how to stay SMART online   
   An interactive activity for KS2 related to online safety


Information for parents on Internet Safety

It is important to stay safe on the Internet. Have a look at the following websites which give some guidance about how to help your children stay safe online.



 A great website from Childnet International with an interactive guide to help parents understand how to keep their children safe when using the Internet



 A wonderful website from CEOP's providing information for parents to help them protect their children online


Information for parents on the safe use of the Internet from the UK Council for Child Internet Safety



A leaflet from Kent County Council with advice on how to keep your child safe online



Some useful information for parents about Internet Safety 

from Kent Trust Web