St. Columba's Primary School

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Our Special Educational Needs coordinator is Mrs E. McAtamney.

The provision for Special Educational Needs in St Columba’s is Outstanding. The wide range of additional support provided matches the children’s needs well and has a very positive impact on the progress they make in their learning and in building their self-esteem.

ETI Inspection report  January 2013


 Here at St Columba’s, staff are dedicated to recognising and identifying those pupils who are experiencing difficulty in some areas of learning. All staff work hard to ensure that all children’s needs are met through a differentiated curriculum.

The role of the SENCO is to liaise with all staff to ensure children’s specific areas of need are being targeted through Individual Education plans.

We value parent involvement greatly within our school and all teachers liaise closely with parents to ensure all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We work together as a team to make the learning as meaningful and purposeful as possible for our children. This is done with sensitivity and compassion understanding the needs of the child and the views of the parent.

Additional support is provided to children requiring this by the class teachers, classroom assistants or support from other personnel such as outside agencies which will be discussed with parents beforehand.

We pride ourselves on our Special Needs provision and the resources we have available to best cater for the needs of all children in our care.

Information and Parent Training Workshops 


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