St. Columba's Primary School

From little acorns, big oaks grow!



Coordinator - The Literacy coordinator is Mrs. A Mooney.

Accelerated Reader

Primary 4, 5, 6 and 7 pupils are all participating in the Accelerated Reader Programme. 

This is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor children's independent reading practice.  The child picks a book at his/her own level and reads it at his/her own pace.  When finished each child takes a short quiz on the computer.  Passing the quiz is an indication that the child has understood the book. 

Keep up the hard work Primary 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Find attached an information leaflet on Home Connect where you can view you can log on and view your own child's progress in accelerated Reader.




Paired Reading

Primary 3 children are participating in the Paired Reading Programme with their parents during February and March.  They enjoy choosing  their own books to take home to read to and with their parents.


Literacy Month at St. Columba's

Literacy month is celebrated in March.  Each class participate in a number of Literacy activities throughout the month. 

World Book Day

Children celebrated World Book Day on Thursday the 1st of March. 




School Book Fair

The school Book Fair took place on the 13th April to the 20th April 2016

Pupils enjoyed visiting the Book Fair where they were able to purchase a variety of both fiction and non-fiction books.  As a result, we were able to get £220.72 worth of books which will be used in the Accelerated Reader Programme.  Thank you for your support.

The Weatherbies 

Yvonne Flemming, author of the Weatherbies books visited our school. Reception, Primary 1,2 and 3 enjoyed listening to her new book and songs about weather.